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Intelligent CMOS and CCD laser sensors
for displacement and position measurement

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The non-contact displacement optoNCDT series uses optical triangulation as a measuring principle. The visible laser that is used is rated as laser class 2.

A position sensor measures with a large stand-off distance and a very small measuring spot diameter. An analog PSD module (series 1607) or a digital CCD array (series 1401, 1700, 1800 and 2200) is used as the position-sensitive measuring element.

Laser sensors with measuring ranges from 0.5 mm up to 500 mm are available. Special models of the sensors measure with µm precision and superior resolution against specular reflecting surfaces.

»optoNCDT 1300 laser sensor

CCD laser Displacement Sensor

Compact CMOS displacement sensors (laser triangulation)
with no external controller and current output.

Measuring ranges: 20/50/100/200 mm,
Resolution (static): 0.02 ... 0.05 % FSO (full scale output)

»optoNCDT 1401 laser sensor

CCD laser sensor

Compact CCD laser sensor
with an integral digital signal processor, current output or RS232 interface.

Measuring ranges: 5 - 200 mm (0.2 - 8")
Resolution (static): 0.01 ... 0.02 % FSO (full scale output)

»optoNCDT 1607 laser sensor

Laser-optical displacement measuring system

Compact Optical Displacement Measuring Systems
with analog signal conditioning electronics in a robust aluminum housing

Measuring ranges: 0.5 - 200 mm (0.02 - 8")
Frequency response: 10 kHz (-3 dB) / Option: 34 kHz (-3dB)

»optoNCDT 1700 laser sensor

Laser-optical displacement measuring system

Compact CCD Displacement Sensors
with an integral digital signal processor, current output and RS232 interface.

Measuring ranges: 2 - 750 mm (0.08 - 29.5 ")
Linearity: ± 0.08 % FSO
Resolution: 0.01 % FSO
Sampling rate (adjustable): 2,5 kHz

»optoNCDT 2200 laser sensor

Laser-optical triangulation sensor with fast CCD-array

Compact Laser-Optical Displacement Measuring System with fast CCD-array and separate signal conditioning

Measuring ranges: 2 - 200 mm, (0.08 - 8")
Resolution: 0.005 % FSO (full scale output)
Data rate: 10 kHz

»optoNCDT 2400 confocal sensors

Confocal chromatic displacement measurement system
Confocal Chromatic Displacement Sensor
This unique measuring principle enables displacements and distances to be measured with high precision:
- Distances to glossy and transparent surfaces.
- Thickness of transparent materials.
- Measurements down into holes (hole depth).
- Measurement of surface contours

Measuring ranges: 0.08 - 24 mm (0.003 - 0.9")
Resolution: 0.004 % FSO (full scale output)
Data rate: up to 1000 Hz
Laser sensor: Characteristic features and advantages
Detection of very small targets due to small measuring spot size
Long measuring ranges
Long reference distances
High resolution and repeatability
Optimum linearity
Insensitive to ambient light
High measuring frequency
Laser safety class 2
Measurement on any target surface

Areas of use
Displacement, distance, position, elongation
Vibration, clearance, amplitude, run-out
Deflection, deformation, waviness, tilt
Dimension, profile, tolerance, sorting, part recognition
Stroke, deformation, axial shaft oscillation, contour
In-process quality control, dimensional testing


MICRO-EPSILON solves the most complex tasks in the field of sensor technology and is a highly experienced production company - we produce from single pieces to large OEM quantities.

These techniques include
»eddy-current sensors
»laser sensors
»capacitive sensors
»temperature sensors


»MICRO-EPSILON displacement and temperature measurement

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